She’d loved him not so long ago
with more than her whole heart
She’s leaving him now
with less than half her soul

She wonders if he’ll ever know
how his silence tore her apart
she wishes she could disavow
that his love was just a role

She tried to make a happy home
to keep everything just right
he never noticed she was always there
never showed her any sign

She’d lie awake all alone
in their bed each night
telling herself he really did care
he just needed a little time

In the morning she would wake
dry the tears he’d never see
and go on about her day
as if there were nothing wrong

He cannot see the smiles are fake
cannot feel her misery
would it matter to him anyway
if his love had ever been strong

She won’t bother to say goodbye
she knows he wouldn’t even hear
she packs her things without a sound
leaves nothing of herself behind
there are no tears left to cry
no more pain to fear
will he miss having her around,
will she even cross is mind?

She has her life now to live,
someday she will love again,
someone who’ll deserve her love
who will love her in return

He never had any love to give
he only knew how to pretend
and sure as the stars above,
she knows he’ll never learn

In her head she’s done believing,
in her heart she hears a voice
tell her that there is nothing else
that she could really do

She’s really only leaving
because she has no choice
she’s done lying to herself
that his love was ever true


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