The Going Rate


I have been doing a great deal of writing, just not of hardly any poetry, which is my favorite type. I’ve been “freelancing”, because, well those kids of mine, they like to eat. LOL. However, this business, it is not as easy as the internet advertisements make it out to be. Moreover, the competition is fierce; there are a great many talented writers out here in freelance land. Therefore, I have set out on a mission, to get a message to all the other freelancers that are perhaps just a bit annoyed by the incredibly low rates being offered to us for our work. Just to let them know that they are not alone.

On some of the freelance sites, where service providers place bids on the projects that they want to work on, there is a terrible sacrifice taking place. Some of those writers are working for a very small price, but I wonder if they are truly providing excellent quality? They must have to do an awful lot of work in a very short amount of time just to support themselves. I put a great deal of time into researching my topics; I proofread and edit my piece until it is in its best form. I try very hard to give the buyer exactly what he/she is looking for, and I keep trying until I have. All these services take time, and dedicated effort, which is impossible to provide at the cut-rate fee bids that I have seen other freelancers offer. I would not be able to provide the best of my abilities to each piece of writing, if I had to focus on putting out as many pieces as possible. Nor would each client receive the best quality if I had to service more and more clients’ everyday just to meet my overhead. I have seen writers offer to write an article for less than they will have to pay for the project acceptance fee. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

I believe myself to be a high quality writer; therefore, I provide the best possible service that I am capable of for all of my clients. My prices may be higher than the going rate, but my service deserves it. I have read the bid posts of some of the lower priced writers, and they are full of spelling errors, speech, spelling, and language short cuts, and grammar mistakes. You have to wonder what quality the article would be, if they cannot even take the time to provide a legible bid.

With all of my work, I provide all revising, re-writing, and error correcting that is required because of any mistake that I made. For example, spelling or grammar errors that I did not catch in my final edit. I also provide updating of my material as needed and requested. That means that, say in a month or two, you want to add additional keywords, or have me change a paragraph to make it longer or shorter, then I would do these types of things at no additional charge to you. These are the types of “to be expected” benefits that hiring a professional writer will get for you.

This is not just a way that I earn a couple dollars here and there. This is my career; I have put a great deal of myself into turning my dream into a revenue earning business. I have taken classes, purchased software, and needed materials, spent countless hours learning and improving my craft.

Hence, when I see project offers that tell me that my hard work and effort are worth no more than ONE dollar, I get just a bit discouraged. This subject is one of great significance to me, as the writers that are practically giving their services away, are making it difficult for this profession to be respected. I offer my apologies to any writer who may be offended – I offer my support to every writer who has no alternative but to work for the going rates. Taking what we can get, gets us through the month so we can pay our bills, unfortunately, taking what we can get, also takes us nowhere.


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